RAD 26” Panfish Shack Rod -AKA “The Needle”
  • RAD 26” Panfish Shack Rod -AKA “The Needle”

    SKU: Shack26
    Lethal on the ice! The RAD Shack rod is a slick compact 26” Fiberglass Power Noodle. So sharp, yet lethal we call it “The Needle”. Don’t be fooled by its size though, this rod can handle big panfish and beyond. This gloss black MHX rod blank comes standard with a visible florescent green tip and our sensitive RAD Black Carbon Fiber grips. Minima guides and offset hook keeper are standard. Weighing in at just 1.1oz this rod packs a punch. Thread wrap color options are fully up to you to make as custom as you wish. This rod is excellent for all species of panfish and optional glow thread tip make for easy bite detection on cold windy days in the shack. 
    *Please ask about our prebuilt inventory as well. Typical build time is 4-6 business weeks.