Cork G2 Power Noodle
  • Cork G2 Power Noodle

    Our best selling panfish power noodle!

    The G2 Power Noodle is offered in this quality built format using high grade cork grips. The proprietary ex-fast glass tapered blank can detect the lightest of nibbles and is excellent for bluegills, crappies, and perch. Excellent for 3-4mm tungsten and swimming plastic finesse baits.

    The split grip cork design is standard and balanced to most popular in-line reel models offered today. Quality thread wraps, Minima & Forecast Aluminum guides, and three coats of clear make for one very beautiful yet precision noodle rod at an affordable custom rod price. Basic thread colors noted, however if you want a specific color thread we can gladly accommodate just inquire.

    Comes standard with four green reel bands include.

    Also readily available at *select dealers.

    *Fat Cats - Trempealeau, WI

    *Murray’s Outdoor Store, Guttenberg, IA

    *Destination Outdoors, Prairie DuChien, WI

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