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E-Glass Long Rod Series
  • E-Glass Long Rod Series

    You requested it and now we offer it! New E-Glass 5' and 6' models.

    Ultra durable and a flex like nothing else. Great for all species of panfish, these give a very unique moderate swimming action to small spoons such as Mick's, Little Cecil's, Sweedish Pimples, or old school Rembrants. Available in cork handle standard, with premium winding check and custom wraps. Each HT Stillfish reel is pre-spooled with premium 3# or 4# ice line and our custom coil spring. All models come standard in beautiful gloss black color. The fight on the E-Glass models is a blast as it is ultra flexible and will scrap with the biggest panfish you can find both winter and summer. This rod works equally as well in the boat.

    Please allow 4-6 weeks for your custom rod to be built.

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